Bugatchi Mens Socks: Brand Spotlight

//Bugatchi Mens Socks: Brand Spotlight

Bugatchi Mens Socks: Brand Spotlight

Bugatchi socks are one of the most popular items on Socking Behaviour. I think offering Bugatchi socks right from the beginning is in fact one of the reasons why Socking Behaviour gained traction right at it’s launch. Much as I did last week with Bresciani men’s dress socks, I wanted to provide my assessment of Bugatchi socks.

Bugatchi mens socks navy paisley

The Bugatchi brand has become known for quality and is available at the finest retailers across North America. I first came upon the socks before launching Socking Behaviour at one such boutique and right away fell in love with the patterns and colours. When I decided to launch Socking Behaviour as a business, I knew this was one of the brand’s I wanted to carry an extensive collection of. Juts over a year later, I’m really happy with that decision. We have now sold nearly 2000 pairs of Bugatchi socks and have received glowing feedback from our customers. While my sock collection has become somewhat extensive (this may be an understatement), I still find myself consistently wearing Bugatchi socks.

My favourite two things about Bugatchi socks are the wide range of designs and how easy they are to maintain. While I don’t equate durability as the only measure of what makes a quality sock, Bugatchi makes the Energizer Bunny of mens socks. Bugatchi uses 80% mercerized cotton in their socks. As the cotton is mercerized it is less prone to shrinking and more durable then some of the other socks we carry. In fact, of every sock we offer, Bugatchi socks are the only ones I routinely put in the dryer without worrying about them shrinking (we recommend not to put socks in the dryer to make them last longer and keep their colour). If durability is your only concern when buying expensive socks, Bugatchi is the brand for you.

My other favourite thing is how vast a collection Bugatchi offers each spring. They must offer retailers nearly 200 different pairs each season. No other brand I have seen has quite as extensive a collection. This enables me to pick a wide range of styles and colours that in turn lets you pick which socks best represent your style. Between being tough and fun at the same time, Bugatchi has found a winning formula for their socks.


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