Bresciani Dress Socks: Brand Spotlight

//Bresciani Dress Socks: Brand Spotlight

Bresciani Dress Socks: Brand Spotlight

Bresciani Dress Socks: Maybe the Best in the World

It’s hard for me to pick between all the brands but Bresciani dress socks just might be my favourite socks. Most places in North America will only offer one to two different compositions that Bresciani makes but they usually have something like 6-8 different compositions available to the stores they sell to. For fall, we will have 4 different compositions between cotton and wool socks.


The most common compositions from Bresciani you will see in North America are their 100% cotton socks. Bresciani has amazing technical skills and as a result the knitting is as good as any other sock out there. They use such fine cotton that it makes it hard for sites like ours to take pictures that do them justice as the thinner material doesn’t reflect light the same way a heavier sock would and doesn’t give as crisp and clean an image. While it’s bad for pictures, this is extremely important though as it makes it breathable and a great dress sock for the spring, summer or fall. Also, while some versions of synthetic materials may have advance characteristics, generally, these are not used in making socks and the synthetic material smells way worse when mixed with sweat than cotton does. Bresciani doesn’t use any synthetic material in their cotton socks so, while you still won’t want to smell the sock at the end of the day, the Bresciani sock will smell way better than an 80/20 cotton, synthetic blend by another maker. When you take your shoes off, you will be thanking about this.


Until a few years ago, I assumed wool socks were itchy and had no idea the benefits. Compared to cotton, wool is much better at absorbing the moisture from your feet and a 100% wool sock (depending again on the quality of the yarn) should smell way better than a comparable cotton sock. Being from Toronto, I also like a sock that is better for colder temperatures and the wool wins out versus cotton for me for about 6-8 months of the year. If you think wool is itchy you should go to a low end suit store and feel the wool on their entry suit and then go to a high end store and feel the wool that come from fine mills like Loro Piana. If you use a shitty wool in your sock, it will feel shitty. If you use a great wool, it will feel great. If you are buying from a website, you can’t feel the sock first so either buy from a website you know you can trust or email them to find out more about whichever sock you are thinking of getting.

Back to Bresciani, they actually have different wools available to be purchased. They have their general wool and a super 140 wool. The super 140 wool ends up being twice as much and would take more work for a store to explain the benefit versus buying a cashmere sock at a comparable price. Because of that, you will be hard pressed to find the super 140 available in North America. The wool they use for their other socks though are also amazing. I’m sensitive to wool and have had socks where I have had to take off after 5 minutes because of how itchy I am. With Bresciani, there standard wool sock is the first dress sock I reach for in the winter when they are clean and dollar for dollar, the Bresciani wool sock might be the best value. Depending on the wool sock, Bresciani often puts a little nylon into their wool socks to prevent pilling/add to the durability. They generally keep the nylon for their wool socks at or below 15%. For spring/summer, we don’t have wool Bresciani socks available but are stocking up big time for Fall!

Linen/Sea Island Cotton:

Also, not something you find as readily. For the same reason you would wear a linen shirt, you would wear linen socks! The Bresciani Sea Island Cotton is another amazing sock you won’t find as frequently as their regular long staple cotton lisle socks. It is definitely softer to the touch while keeping the positive benefits mentioned above for their regular cotton socks. However, it’s more expensive and because the market for $40+ socks isn’t as large, you won’t find them very frequently in North America. If you are ok with spending that price point on socks, which if you are on a tight budget even I don’t advise, you can think of this as the Bugatti of cotton socks and go ahead and find them somewhere. If you are interested in Cashmere socks, wool super 140’s, linen or sea island cotton, please let us know at our contact form and we will see what we can do for you!


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