Blogs For Men: Top 100 Men’s Style Blogs by Traffic

//Blogs For Men: Top 100 Men’s Style Blogs by Traffic

Blogs For Men: Top 100 Men’s Style Blogs by Traffic

Best Style Blogs For Men:

There are lots of great blogs for men on style out there. However, how to sort them is kind of where the tricky part comes in. To just say best style blogs for men and list them in no particular order might not really provide much context as to why they are on the list. Our list of the top 100 blogs for men (menswear focused only) is instead listed based on the website traffic as provided by The traffic rankings will vary month to month so we don’t promise that these are current but the traffic ranks should still tell you which men’s style blogs others find to be the best.

The Full List: Click the Picture!

Blogs for Men top 100 Style Blogs

Without further ado, we have compiled this list into an excel format to help available by clicking on the picture above. The first column says the site name, then the next column gives the website address, followed by the Alexa traffic ranking and in some cases we even commented very briefly our thoughts on our favourites. Click on the picture above to download an excel file with our complete Blogs For Men: Top 100 Men’s Style Blogs by traffic list!

 Our Favourites

We have some favourite style blogs for men that we would like to interview in the future to tell you things about things. Based on where they are in the rankings here are our favourites and some brief thoughts on them (click the italicized blog name for a link to their site).

Style Forum:

Menswear Blog Style Forum

If you are reading this, chances are you already know what Style Forum is. Just in case you don’t, it’s a community form where people obsessed with menswear will discuss things from the best tailor in Toronto to a thread that is a shrine for Gaziano & Girling shoes (of which I will own a pair once we sell 1,000,000 pairs of men’s socks, likely at least a month to 10 years away). In other words, everything is covered. I think the thing to remember with Style Forum, is people present things as rules and sometimes can be harsh. My advice is this is one of the greatest banks of knowledge on menswear but don’t take everything as gospel. Understand guidelines for menswear but don’t be afraid to choose not to follow some!

Business of Fashion:

Mens Style Blogs BOF

Before selling socks, I was analyzing stocks. If you are like me and love both the business and fashion world, this can be a daily visit. I don’t love twitter but I find myself going to their page when I am on it. This is the Wall Street Journal for fashion. Going to their page just made my writing of this post delayed by taking me down a wormhole landing at Bloomberg’s page on Uniqlo’s publicly traded parent company, Fast Trading Co. If you like business and fashion, just check it out and swear at me 45 minutes later when you realize how much time has passed.

Mens Blogs Dappered

Flash sale sites have been really popular but I prefer going to to find out which mainstream full priced e-commerce stores are having their own sales. Often times, these sales are more likely to provide what you want at a price you are willing to pay. I also like how Joe moderates the site. If you ask a question in the comments section, he is actually going to answer it. The result is a real feeling of community amongst the readers. You should definitely visit at least once a week.

Style Girlfriend:

blogs for men style girlfriend

Another one of our favourite sites is Style Girlfriend.  Megan Collins, the founder of Style Girlfriend, gives a girl’s perspective on menswear. A sample piece you might find useful is 3 Ways to Wear Crew Neck Sweaters. One thing I love about the site is the positive tone. If you are reading a menswear blog, the last thing you want is to feel like the author is looking down on you because you don’t dress the way they think you should (my problem with many of the comments on Style Forum). Megan doesn’t do that and this site is a great place for those starting off their sartorial journey. Also, Megan has some great YouTube videos like this one on How To Roll Your Sleeves.

The Parisian Gentleman:

Blogs For Men Parisian Gentleman

Good lord do I love this site. Some absolutely amazing and deep content on here. If you want a guide on the best shoes, this is it. What’s that, you want one on suits? Here you go. The content is incredibly deep and the writers are very knowledgable. This should absolutely be in your menswear reading rotation.

Coming soon: Unfortunately, I’ve had enough writing for today but here are our other favourites that we will write up soon. This will also be a live page so check back for more updates!

The Fine Young Gentleman:

Permanent Style:

Sharp For Men:

Style Democracy:

The Modest Man:


It’s All Style to Me:

Among Men:

An Affordable Wardrobe:

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